City Utilities

49 of Georgia’s 52 munis (city utilities) get their power from MEAG. MEAG and Georgia Power are co-owners in some of their power plants and to that extent when the PSC and Georgia Power make bad decisions you are impacted.

Our electricity companies impact our everyday lives in huge ways. In the
South, one out of three of our neighbors struggles to pay their power bills
month to month. Municipal utilities – also called munis – are electricity
providers that are owned by the local city or county governments and
controlled by municipal government bodies like city councils. You should
expect fair service, bills you can afford, and community input from
your electricity company.

Find your city power utility in the list below:

These municipal electricity utility guides (MUGs) were put together by @WeThePlugTho to the best of our ability. Some information may be incorrect due to a lack of transparency from your city. All information was collected from city websites, calling your city/utility, census data, and testimonials from community members.

Make your voice heard in November

Vote on the Public Service Commission

This is not the first time your bills have been raised. No matter where you live, if you pay a power bill in Georgia, 
or know someone who is paying a power bill, THIS AFFECTS YOU! Public Service Commission Districts 1 and 3 are up for re-election on November 8, 2022.

Lean what you can do


You don’t have to struggle alone with high power bills. Give us a call and let us know your situation so we can help find the best relief for you.

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